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Prices or cost package to hiking rinjani & climbing rinjani & tour more than cheaper price or lower cost with competitor us. The team or guide & Porter has long worked.


Climbing Mount Rinjani on the Sembalun route

Sembalun is an area surrounded by mountains and hills. As well as the center of red underground agriculture, garlic, vegetables and strawberry gardens. Sembalun is also famous for agricultural tourism and nature tourism for climbing Mount Rinjani.

The Sembalun route is a very beautiful route, along the way you will see views of green grasslands. Along the way there is a resting place or POS. Before heading to the Sembalun crater rim you will pass 5 hills of regret. The Sembalun route is also very close to the top of Mount Rinjani. If only aiming to climb to the top.

2 Days 1 Night
(Via Sembalun)

Hiking Rinjani throught Sembalun route 2 Day / 1 night. Stay I night in Sembalun crater rim – climb up to rinjani summit – back down to Sembalun village.

3 Days 2 Night
(Via Sembalun)

Climbing rinjani via Sembalun route 3 day / 2 night. Stay I night in Sembalun crater rim – summit rinjani – segara anak lake – hot spring – senaru crater rim.

4 Days 3 Night
(Via Sembalun)

Trekking via Sembalun route 4 Day / 3 night – Rinjani summit – hotspring- ( stay I night at lake )- senaru crater rim.


The Senaru route is an alternative route to the Segara Anak Lake.

Senaru is a tourist area which is famous for its Tiu Kelep waterfall and Sindang Gila waterfall. This waterfall is under the foot of Mount Rinjani. Apart from the Senaru waterfall, it is also a cultural tourism area, agricultural tourism, coffee plantation tourism and nature tourism for climbing Mount Rinjani. climbing Mount Rinjani on the Senaru route is an alternative route to Segara Anak Lake. Along the climbing route, a forest is found up to the resting place at POS III. Starting from POS III, the hiking trail is overlooking the green meadow and pine trees. Pelawangan Senaru is a very beautiful crater rim, you can see the three Gili, Gili trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air and even Mount Agung. Interestingly, the Senaru route can see the entirety of the new mountain and the Segara Anak lake.

2 Days 1 Night
(Via Senaru)

Rinjani climbing 2 day / 1 night – stay I night in senaru crater rim – down to senaru village.

3 Days 2 Night
(Via Senaru)

Rinjani hiking 3 day / 2 night – senaru crater rim – lake – hotspring- Sembalun crater rim ( stay a night ) – summit rinjani.

4 Days 3 Night
(Via Senaru)

Trekking Rinjani 4 day / 3 night – senaru crater rim – segara anak lake ( overnight ) – hotspring- Sembalun village – summit rinjani – Sembalun village.


we are organizing a mountain climbing package rinjani

We are Mount Rinjani climbing services.We carry out all the needs and needs of climbing both in the form of; Transportation, Hotels, Mount Rinjani guides, porters, tents, sleeping bags, matrass, eating and drinking, toilet tents, cooking gear, Rinjani tickets (on request), Trekking insurance and others.

Price is an agreement or mutual agreement from the buyer or seller. The price of our package is the price that many prospective climbers are interested in, our price is a cheaper price.

Service is the tip of a service company and non-service company. Service is a priority in establishing a company. Our services in climbing Mount Rinjani are our priority for climbers. We will complete our service from the moment you arrive until the end of your climb.

Responsibility is an implementation of service. We will be responsible for our service deficiencies and take responsibility for our mistakes. We will not take a single step back if we experience flaws or mistakes. It is our responsibility as a Mount Rinjani climbing service.


Mount Rinjani climbing package specifically for beginner climbers and especially Asian people.We have compiled this package specifically for beginner climbers. Climbing Mount Rinjani for beginners is very difficult. We arrange this package with a duration of 4 days / 3 nights. After we examined that this package is great for beginner hikers. In the package we arrange the destinations such as; Puncak Rinjani, Segara Anak Lake, Anak Baru Mountain, Hot Springs and Milk Cave. All of these destinations you will be able to visit or visit.

Explore lombok Rinjani hiking & hopping Gili trawangan 6 day / 5 night

This package especially for beginner climber – Sembalun village – summit – lake – hotspring- susu cave – senaru crater rim

Specially package Rinjani trekking for ASEAN climbers – senaru village – lake – hotspring- cave – Sembalun crater rim


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overall, everything okay. we enjoyed the trip. 3days 2 nights for treeking rinjani. affordable price yet good hospitality. asmadi, rutet dan sumasta are very helpful person. they make sure each of us in good condition. we were in group 28 person from malaysia. from airport transport pick up and transfer, accommodation at senaru (2 person per room), everything were good. i suggest for trekking to danau segara, take 4 days trip, so you get more time. not rushing, more leisure time and more time to rest and enjoy the view. the view is awesome! we will come again in future.
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3D2N package Sembalun-Pelawangan-Senaru with Adventure Rinjani was 🤙. Everything was good. From airport pick-up, accommodation, guide and porters. Fahri and the two porters were so helpful, nice and polite. And I think Adi was a funny guy 😂. Recommended and worth the pain.
Awesome Mount Rinjani
Awesome Mount Rinjani @Sean H
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The hospitality was great. The food was great, cheese sandwich is a must for breakfast, lunch and dinner!! And our tour guide Jip took care of us really well for our summit climb. Well it was a struggle to reach the summit. But i made it hand the view is awesome and worth the climb!! And our tour guide Jip speaks really good english and easy to communicate. Cheap packages. Recommended and i will be back soon too to hike Rinjani again.
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